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The Green Climate Fund has approved US$25.6 million in new funding for an innovative climate resilience project in Sudan, designed to promote agriculture, health, and food and water security. Around 1.2 million people from subsistence farming and nomadic pastoralist communities across nine states are set to directly benefit, with an additional 2.5 million people to benefit indirectly.
“Addressing the impact of climate change is a collective responsibility. We as a Government recognise this global responsibility and are committed to protecting the people of Sudan from the risks we are currently facing,” said Sudan’s Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok. “Left unchecked, climate change will derail our nation’s efforts to end poverty and conflict across the country.”
“With Green Climate Fund financing and support from UNDP, the Sudanese Government is working to build resilient economies and livelihoods. This will help us minimise the impact of COVID-19, and put our people and planet first.”
Increasing changes in climate are leading to variations in rainfall and temperatures across Sudan’s arid and semi-arid drylands, pushing lives and livelihoods to breaking point.
Crop failures, the death of livestock, drought and other climate-related impacts are deepening poverty and reducing the capacity of people, communities and authorities to deal with other interconnected risks, such as COVID-19 and conflict.



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