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The food delivery business in Lagos, Nigeria, is facing significant challenges due to the slow traffic that plagues the city on a daily basis.

Lagos is one of the most populous cities in Africa, with a population of over 20 million people. The city’s infrastructure has not kept up with its rapid growth, leading to significant traffic congestion throughout the day. This makes it challenging for food delivery businesses to provide timely and efficient service to their customers.

Many corporate workers rely on these services to order lunch while they are at work. However, the traffic often causes significant delays in delivery times, leaving workers frustrated and hungry.

To cope with these challenges, some workers have resorted to ordering food from restaurants that are closer to their workplaces. This reduces the delivery time and ensures that the food arrives while it is still hot and fresh. 

Others have started using food delivery services that have their own fleets of delivery drivers, as these companies often have a better understanding of the traffic patterns in the city and can plan their routes accordingly.

Despite these coping mechanisms, the challenges of the food delivery business in Lagos persist. The slow traffic not only causes delays in delivery times but also increases the cost of doing business.

Delivery drivers have to spend more time on the road, which means more fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs. These costs are often passed on to the customers, making food delivery services more expensive than they would be otherwise.

As Lagos continues to grow, it is essential for the city’s infrastructure to keep up with its rapid growth to ensure that businesses can provide efficient and affordable services to their customers.

By Elijah Christopher 



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