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The 7 Simple Ways To Install Starlink: It’s Not Rocket Science

Now that Starlink is available for use, I can say that the installation is not rocket science. All thanks to an aerospace manufacturer and space

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Footwox: The Impact Of African Fashion On Global Culture

African fashion has had a tremendous and positive effect on global culture. African fashion has been praised for its use of vibrant colors and bold

Business/Tech Touch

How Native Teams Is Fast-Tracking International Payments For Freelancers In Africa

From the journey of landing your first gig and receiving a successful international payment as a freelancer in Africa isn’t a day job. I’m sure

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The Cry Behind The Smile Of Uber Drivers In Africa As It Marks A Decade

While multinational tech solutions advance to Africa to provide jobs and tackle unemployment, they also milk the continent through their well-baked digital labour exploitation strategies

Business/Tech Touch

The Major Limitation To Building A Successful African Metaverse

The African metaverse is in its early stages of development. It is an online 3D virtual space where its users can interact with each other,

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

The Inclusion Of The Underrepresented In African Fashion

Fashion from the African continent is a vibrant and creative expression of cultural diversity. From colorful, printed fabrics and handcrafted accessories to intricate beading and

AWC Series

AWC2022: Rebuilding Makoko Essay Contest, Winners Announced!!!

Antoa Writing Contest (AWC): Rebuilding Makoko Essay Contest, the second of its kind organized by A New Touch Of Africa in collaboration with Hammed Kayode

Business/Tech Touch

Digital Lending Platform In Egypt Announces $32m Funding

Egyptian fintech startup, Blnk recently raised $32 million covering both pre-seed and seed rounds in total. Founded by Amr Sultan and Tarek Elsheikh in 2021

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Africa Digital Economy: The Need To Drive Conversations On Digital Inclusion At UN Level

On today’s TechTouch series, we would like to show how digital economy is tied to the internet economy and why Africa should take the power

Business/Tech Touch

African Entrepreneurs On The Rise Despite Limitations Surrounding Internet Connectivity

Word on antoa’s street—TechTouch—is that 81% of surveyed top executives at venture capital and private equity companies believe that there would be a huge entrepreneurial