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Why Are Dwarf Mannequins Hard To Spot

Have you ever seen a dwarf mannequin or mannequins in a store? You may have or you may have never seen one with its arms

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Marketforce Downsizes Over 600 Employees By 9%

Kenyan startup, Marketforce, reportedly dowsized its workforce significantly last month. Although, comparing the rate of layoffs going on globally, African tech scene is still on

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The Underdogs Of Africa’s Fashion Industry: All Thanks To Mothers And Daughters

We see the top fashion designers in the fashion industry in Africa and the amazing clothes that keep us fly. But let’s take all that

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Khazenly’s CEO Speaks On Egypt Big Plans To Enable Technology For All Stakeholders In The Ecosystem

According to Mohamed Younes, the CEO and co-founder of Khazenly, an e-commerce company in Egypt which recently raised $2.5 million, “the biggest challenge the supply

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Women In Tech: Beauty and Brains: The Life Of Oluchi Enebeli

There are a lot of women inventors doing great in tech but we often don’t hear about them. You also don’t hear “men in tech”;

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What Fashion Looks Like In Modern Day Egypt

Do people in Egypt walk around wearing ancient headgears like Pharaoh? I haven’t been to Egypt. The second country known for bringing civilization after Iraq

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Fashion Is Black: More Than A Color

I might just walk round the world in my skin like my ancestors. Black is beautiful. A contact with it heightens beauty. A lot of

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Technology Is On The Move But Why Is Africa Behind?

What used to be considered a problem in other parts of the world have been smartly solved by tech. Old problems that have been solved

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Why Apple and Google Potential TikTok Ban Could Affect Users In Africa

In today’s global tech environment, they’re people who design the algorithms for other to follow whether you like it or not. YouTube don’t need your

AWC Series

Rebuilding Makoko Essay Contest, AWC2022

For years, as a news media and an African fashion company, A New Touch Of Africa (ANTOA) has been on the journey of creating awareness