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Africans Masterminding Africa

Unlocking Rwanda’s Agricultural Potential: Seun Rasheed’s Success Story With SOUK Farms

Seun Rasheed, the visionary founder and CEO of SOUK Farms, has recognized Rwanda’s unique strengths in cultivating and exporting crops such as avocados, chillis, and

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Hustlers Fund: Government Allocates $72 Million To Boost Entrepreneurship In Kenya

The current president of Kenya, William Ruto launched the Hustlers Fund in November 2022. The aim of the fund is to support budding entrepreneurs who

Business/Tech Touch

Technology Is On The Move But Why Is Africa Behind?

What used to be considered a problem in other parts of the world have been smartly solved by tech. Old problems that have been solved

Africans Masterminding Africa

Felicia Twumasi: The Woman Who Made Other Women Wealth Creators In Africa

Felicia Twumasi is the founder and CEO of Homefoods founded in 1995. Before turning into one those Africans filled a burning passion to impact lives

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World-Changing African Entrepreneurs Everyone Should Know

Amid global economic crisis challenging all economies in the world, new ideas are sprouting from Africa through African entrepreneurs like purple hibiscus and lilies to