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Mouahié Kouassi: Empowering Communities And Promoting Sustainability In Côte d’Ivoire

Mouahié Kouassi is a young entrepreneur and the founder of Agrikraft, a thriving cosmetics business in Côte d’Ivoire that specializes in the production of shea

Africans Masterminding Africa

Burundi Fortified Foods: How A Local Entrepreneur Is Revolutionizing The Agribusiness Industry In East Africa

Claude Nikondeha’s Burundi Fortified Foods is a shining example of how a local entrepreneur can overcome supply chain challenges and distribution obstacles to create a

Business/Tech Touch

How Three Nigerian Entrepreneurs In The US Raised Over $10 Million For Agrictech Startup

On Tech Touch last month, the year opened with the scary predictions of venture capital firms talking about slow or no funding in scaling African

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ZambiaFresh: Reducing Agricultural Losses With Cold Storage Facilities In Zambia

In Zambia, farmers of fruits and vegetables without a cold storage facility are always on the losing side. It’s quite sad for the farmers. To

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Wally Fry: From Selling Livestock To Becoming A Pioneer Of A Successful Vegan Business In South Africa

If Wally Fry never met Debbie who gave birth to their daughter—Tammy, a born vegetarian; maybe Fry’s—a successful plant-based food business, wouldn’t be a thing

Africans Masterminding Africa

Lovin Kobusingye Ugandan Entrepreneur Processes Fish Products Without A Single Waste

With $678, Lovin Kobusingye started her innovative fish sausage company—Kati Farms, 11 years ago in Uganda which grew to provide job opportunities for women in

Africans Masterminding Africa

Sakina Usengimana: Seeing Beyond Limitations In Africa

When Sakina Usengimana heard a speaker say something like this—“you have land, yet you are hungry,” it became the momentum to bring about change. Two

Africans Masterminding Africa

The Chicken Business In Uganda: David Wangolo

As I write this article, I’m literally watching workers offloading two huge trucks of chicken feeds.  David Wangolo, the current investment manager at Pearl Capital