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I’ve Been Yelling About AI For A Long Time – Gebru

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Timnit Gebru’s career in AI began after completing her studies in electrical engineering at Stanford, where she also obtained a

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Why Elon Musk And Others Think AI Should Take A Six Month Break

In an open letter signed by Elon Musk, the co-founder of about six companies including electric car maker Tesla, rocket producer SpaceX and parent company

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How To Solve The Delivery Business Trilemma Or Remain Stuck

Thinking of going into on-demand delivery business? Here are some of the major challenges you would (not might) face and how you can possibly combat

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Staying Ahead Of The Curve In Tech Industry: Edidiong Ekong Shares Tech Experience

In an exclusive interview Edidiong Ekong recently had with Tech Cabal, the senior marketing executive who has worked with African startups in different sectors including

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Google vs Bing: Who’s Going To Have An Edge In The AI Search Engine Battle?

When two or three fanatics gather in the name of football, the argument about “who is the G.O.A.T” or “who is the richest paid athlete”

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Are AI Technologies Here To Take Our Jobs? A Talk With Ayokunle Ayoko

Ayokunle Ayoko is a legal advisor and an award-winning general counsel who recently shared on his social media concerns about the possibility or probability of

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The Major Limitation To Building A Successful African Metaverse

The African metaverse is in its early stages of development. It is an online 3D virtual space where its users can interact with each other,

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DataProphet Raises $10 Million To Expand Artificial Intelligence Service

DataProphet, a South African AI-based startup, has completed its $10 million Series A round in order to further invest in its industrial artificial intelligence product