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AWC Series

Interview with Award-Winning Ghanaian Poet Phoebe Nortey: “The Voice of Creativity”

Phoebe Nortey is a young Ghanaian writer in her twenties studying Psychology and French in the University of Ghana.  In 2021, the young writer emerged

AWC Series

Interview with Suwilanji Namusamba: Author of Award-Winning Poem “Dusk–Earth Rising”

35-year-old Zambian poet, Suwilanji Namusamba, is a lawyer by day, a reader and writer by night.  Putting words to paper is one of her greatest

AWC Series

Interview With Ejiro Elizabeth: Author Of The Award-Winning Poem, Reparations

Ejiro Elizabeth Edward is one of the winners of the ANTOA Writing Contest: Stories That Touch in 2021–the first edition of its kind. The young


Naked Bodies At The Beach

Naked Bodies At The Beach I’ve never been at the beach With my shirt off. Even when the sun is busy Perching on my back.


ANTOA Poetry: The Ostrich Will Someday Fly

The Ostrich Will Someday Fly She has trekked for ages, And has forgotten she carries Wings. She’s now a chicken Comfortably picking from The ground,


POETRY: Who Told Boys To See Themselves Higher

They called you a prince.When it’s almost time,For the apple to fall,They called you the heir. They wore you a crown.You were no longer a



So many of my kind Have passed away like Countless nights before sunrise. They were full of talents And dreams. When they slept, I mean



In a dark tunnel, I was born with my eyes closed. Ibathed in it and ate in itas I grew up, I was told by the old