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Fuata Moyo: The Fusion Of Art And Fashion

Clothes for canvas with unique artworks is what defines Fuata Mofo fashion. It is a fusion of art and fashion. Follow the heART, is the

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Láolú Senbanjo: Revealing Africa’s Truth Through Art, Fashion, and Music

Láolú Senbanjo is a lot of things which can be summarized in one word: authenticity. The Nigerian visual artist, musician, singer/songwriter, and former human rights

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How Ocean Sole Turns Flip-Flops Into Giraffes

Ocean Sole sculptors in Nairobi, Kenya, are reducing plastic rubber waste in a creative style turning them into giraffe arts among other animals you can think

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Is Fashion Art?

Is fashion art? Well, I guess we would have to find out later in this article. But can we also ask if technology is art?


TYODUGH JOSEPH: Keeping Together Through Art & Football

Interview with Tyodugh Joseph, Artist and an Aspiring Football Star who is currently scaling life’s hurdles throuh his athletic talent, and art. Tyodugh Joseph holds a

AWC Series

NOSTALGIA: Remembering FESTAC ’77

Festac ’77, also known as the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (the first was in Dakar, 1966), was a major international festival held


Outrage as Statues allegedly looted from Nigeria are sold in Paris

A pair of Nigerian Igbo statues that were allegedly looted during Nigeria’s Biafra War in the 1960s were sold in Paris at auction last Monday