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Klick Africa: The One-Stop Online Marketplace For Mothers In Africa

Klick Africa, a revolutionary online marketplace, is poised to become the go-to destination for mothers in Africa. With a vision to provide a one-stop shop

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How Mishaan Ratan Is Turning Subscription-based Access To Electronics Into “Ownership”

Affordability is the power house of Rentoza—a subscription-based electronics and appliances retailing business co-founded by Mishaan Ratan in South Africa. Having looked at the market,

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How To Solve The Delivery Business Trilemma Or Remain Stuck

Thinking of going into on-demand delivery business? Here are some of the major challenges you would (not might) face and how you can possibly combat

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Lanre Akinlagun: The Man Who Left The UK To Build A Leading E-Commerce Business In Nigeria

While some entrepreneurs in Africa are thinking of moving their business to Europe, Lanre Akinlagun, the founder of—the online and brick-and-mortar drink stores in

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Khazenly’s CEO Speaks On Egypt Big Plans To Enable Technology For All Stakeholders In The Ecosystem

According to Mohamed Younes, the CEO and co-founder of Khazenly, an e-commerce company in Egypt which recently raised $2.5 million, “the biggest challenge the supply