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Africans Masterminding Africa

From Quitting A Banking Job To Selling Organic Ice Cream In High Demand: Tanzanian Entrepreneur Shares Her Story

In 2013, Mercy Kitomari quit her job at the bank and left to begin her entrepreneurial journey—making organic ice cream, that would later turn her

Business/Tech Touch

African Entrepreneurs On The Rise Despite Limitations Surrounding Internet Connectivity

Word on antoa’s street—TechTouch—is that 81% of surveyed top executives at venture capital and private equity companies believe that there would be a huge entrepreneurial

Africans Masterminding Africa

Sakina Usengimana: Seeing Beyond Limitations In Africa

When Sakina Usengimana heard a speaker say something like this—“you have land, yet you are hungry,” it became the momentum to bring about change. Two

AWC Series

COVID-19 Pandemic: Learning New Skills And Making Ends Meet

One of the largest economies in Africa, the Nigerian economy, was forecasted to enter recession last year despite the hit of the pandemic on crude

AWC Series

World-Changing African Entrepreneurs Everyone Should Know

Amid global economic crisis challenging all economies in the world, new ideas are sprouting from Africa through African entrepreneurs like purple hibiscus and lilies to