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Egypt signs 15-year contract with French metro line operator

Egypt has signed a 15-year, billion-euro contract with French transport operator RATP Dev to manage Cairo’s third metro line. Arab News reported that the government

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France joins hunt for killers of aid workers in Niger

Soldiers from France and Niger combed a giraffe reserve and surrounding areas on Monday for signs of the gunmen who killed over 8 aid workers

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Owner of spilling ship in Mauritius apologises as aids pour in from France, Japan

The owner and operator of a Japanese bulk carrier which ran aground off Mauritius in the Indian Ocean apologised this Sunday for a huge oil


UK wants France to stop African migrants from crossing into the country

British interior minister, Priti Patel has described the volume of migrants, mostly African, crossing the Channel as “appalling and unacceptably high” and called on France

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France to return remains of 24 fighters killed during colonisation of Algeria

France is returning the remains of 24 members of Algeria’s resistance movement who were killed in the 19th century. One of the leaders whose remains


Nigeria set to receive fresh $319m Abacha loot from UK, France

Barely a week after helping to repatriate $311m (N118bn) stolen by the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha, the United States says there is