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E-Waste Warriors: How AppCyclers Battles Pollution In Africa

AppCyclers is on a mission to combat the issue of electronic waste pollution that plagues Africa. The continent often sees electronic devices discarded rather than

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Catherine Krobo, The Ghanaian Woman Revolutionizing Local Farming

Catherine Krobo Edusei faced skepticism when she introduced locally grown herbs to a Ghanaian supermarket in Accra two decades ago. In a country like Ghana,

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Unlocking The Value And Potential Of African Art: Trends, Collectors, And The Digital Revolution

The African fine art market is experiencing increased visibility as a result of growing demand from both international and local collectors. The Africa Wealth Report

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How Sulley Amin Ditched Law School To Build An Award-Winning Renewable Energy Company

Not all college dropouts turned into instant success as they fearlessly ventured out with nothing but an idea. Some are still on their journey hoping

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The Multidimensional Talented Idrissa On His Visit To Ghana And Plans For A New Movie

Idrissa Akuna Elba popularly known as Idris Elba is an actor, producer, rapper, singer, and a disc jockey from Sierra Leone. It’s all in one.

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The Asamoahs: The Couple Who Built Ghana’s First Shopping Mall

Some people in business would say you have to differentiate your business and your family. But not for Cecilia and Andrew Asamoah, they made both

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Bamboo Fintech Expands In West Africa With High Hopes To Launch In East And South Africa

Bamboo—a Nigerian fintech startup, now operates in Ghana to enable and encourage average Africans to invest in large companies on the continent and abroad. Bamboo

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Miishe Addy: Making Shipping Way Easy In Africa

The CEO and Co-founder of Jetstream Africa, Miishe Addy, continues to tap the power of digital technology to improve shipping in Africa. She is definitely

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Twitter announced on Monday, 12th April, the recruitment of an eleven-member team in Ghana, thereby making the West African country its headquarters for the African

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YAA ASANTEWAA: The Queen Mother Of The Ashanti War

Yaa Asantewaa was born in 1840 in Besease by Kwaku Ampoma and Ata Po in southern Ghana, the older of two children. Her brother, Afrane Panin, became