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Would Facebook Block News Content To South Africans As Seen In Australia?

How did tech giants Facebook and Google react when Australia in February 2021 passed a law aimed at making Facebook and Google pay for news

Business/Tech Touch

Google vs Bing: Who’s Going To Have An Edge In The AI Search Engine Battle?

When two or three fanatics gather in the name of football, the argument about “who is the G.O.A.T” or “who is the richest paid athlete”

Business/Tech Touch

Google On Digital Preservation Of Nigeria’s Last Sacred Groves

Google googled (researched) some of the historical sites in Nigeria as part of its Google Arts and Culture’s Heritage on the Edge project to discover

Business/Tech Touch

Why Apple and Google Potential TikTok Ban Could Affect Users In Africa

In today’s global tech environment, they’re people who design the algorithms for other to follow whether you like it or not. YouTube don’t need your