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Apple Plans To Modify In-App Purchase In Nigeria, Egypt, And Tanzania

Apple plans to modify its in-app purchase system in Nigeria, Egypt, and Tanzania due to an upsurge in taxes. Starting from July 25, 2023, Apple

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Learn How To Block Background Noise While On Call Using Voice Isolation On iPhone

New noise-reduction tools are being introduced by tech companies to eliminate noise disturbance during phone calls. However, it is essential to be aware of how

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European Parliament New Law The Reason For iPhone Lightning Charging Ports Switch To USB-C

The new law by the  European Parliament requires electronic devices sold in the European Union (EU) to use USB-C charging ports by 2024. Beyond that,

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Apple Launches iPhone 14 Series But Not All Came With The Lastest Silicon Chip

Apple finally launched its iPhone 14 series as well as rolling out the Apple watch series 8 that detects ovulation period in women via temperature


Evolution of Apple’s iOS: From iPhone OS To iOS 9

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