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Crisis in Kenya as nearly 380,000 teenagers become mothers

One in five girls aged between 15 and 19 in Kenya is either pregnant or has given birth already, a new report shows. In some

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Kenya bans slaughter, export of donkeys to China

After nearly two years of pressure from animal rights organisations, Kenya has banned the commercial slaughter of donkeys in the country. The Brooke, one such

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Kenya heightens security in Nairobi as the US warns of likely terror attack

Security has been heightened in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, following a warning issued by the US Embassy that terrorists are planning to hit a major hotel

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Kenya govt sends cash to Stranded Indigenes, students in Wuhan

Kenya’s government has announced that it would send Ksh1.3 million ($13,000) to students stranded in the Chinese city of Wuhan, that is the epicentre of

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D&D Fashion Opens Shop in Kenya

After establishing strong African and urbane presence in Dubai, The US, Europe and other locations,  D&D Clothing & Tailoring has landed in style in Nairobi, Kenya. The