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Follow The Fashion Trend Or Stay Home

Years ago, if you were wearing your dress with sneakers on, best know that you’re the one everybody is looking at and probably laughing at.

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Vyno Miller: Cool Music And Hot Fashion From Midrand

Vyno Miller is the picture of cool music and hot fashion from Midrand—located in the Johannesburg metropolis in Gauteng, South Africa. Midland is literally half

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

5 Photos Of The Glamour Girl That Speaks Volume

Sharon Ooja Egwurube, Nigerian actor and fashionista, always looks glamorous without stressing it. After all she’s the Glamour Girl. In today’s content, we took a


20 Most Beautiful Beaches In Africa

One of Africa’s bragging rights, if it needs any, is its plethora of beaches and beautiful landscapes. Today, however, we reveal Africa’s most beautiful beaches.