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COVID-19: Madagascar Begins Vaccination Campaign

The Indian Ocean island nation started its Covid-19 vaccination campaign on Monday. And among the first to be inoculated at Antananarivo, was Jean Louis Hanitrala


Madagascar’s president says two lawmakers have died from COVID-19

Analyst might be pondering on the efficacy of the Magic COVID 19 mixture from Madagascar as two lawmakers in country have died of COVID-19 and


Nigeria poised to airlift Madagascar’s anti-coronavirus drink for home consumption

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday approved the airlifting of the country’s allocation of the Madagascar anti-coronavirus drink. “Mr President has given instructions for the

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South Africa to help Madagascar test efficacy of anti COVID-19 herbal mixture

South Africa’s government will assist the authorities in Madagascar to test and analyse an unproven herbal treatment for Covid-19, according to health minister. Zweli Mkhize.

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COVID-19:Herbal remedy from Madagascar elicits global interest, research

A new anti-COVID 19 herbal drug is strongly gaining traction in other African countries and beyond the continent. Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina gave a long,