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How Nigerian Youths Impacted Nigeria’s 2023 Elections Using Social Media

Social media is evidently a significant part of Nigeria’s political atmosphere. As internet access and the usage of smartphones proliferate, the impact of social media

Business/Tech Touch SME

Nigeria Supports Youth With $672 Million Tech Fund As Silicon Valley Bank Falls

As Silicon Valley Bank crumbles after being one of the major startup-focused lenders supporting startups in Nigeria, the Nigerian government swiftly launched a $672 million

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

MISS ANTOA 2023: The Undiscovered African Beauty

Enter MISS ANTOA 2023 and stand a chance to become the face of Africa’s fashion industry. Entry is free. Entry opens: 15th March, and closes:

Africans Masterminding Africa

Nigerian Professor Wins The Largest History Prize In The World

The Dan David Prize is known to be the largest history prize in the world with over N130m financial reward ($300,000). Nigerian born Prof Saheed

Business/Tech Touch

Opay Gains More Traction As Nigerian Traditional Banks Breathe Unsuccessful Transactions Day-In-Day-Out

The online bank Opay or Palmpay has recently become the consistent payment solution for day-to-day transactions in Nigeria since the scarcity of naira at ATMs

Business/Tech Touch

Is The Giant Of Africa Truly Ready For A Cashless Economy?

It’s a few days to Nigeria’s presidential election and the people of the most populous country in Africa are still finding day-to-day transactions a bit

Business/Tech Touch

How Three Nigerian Entrepreneurs In The US Raised Over $10 Million For Agrictech Startup

On Tech Touch last month, the year opened with the scary predictions of venture capital firms talking about slow or no funding in scaling African

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

How Mom-In-Chief Is Replacing Imported Baby Foods With Local Production In Nigeria

Seun Sangoleye aka Mom-In-Chief, in place of CEO, is a social entrepreneur committed to improving childhood nutrition and impacting women’s financial inclusion positively which puts

AWC Series

AWC2022: Rebuilding Makoko Essay Contest, Winners Announced!!!

Antoa Writing Contest (AWC): Rebuilding Makoko Essay Contest, the second of its kind organized by A New Touch Of Africa in collaboration with Hammed Kayode

Africans Masterminding Africa

Oluwasoga Oni: From A Software Developer To Providing Services To Doctors In Nigeria

On today’s edition on Africans Masterminding Africa is Oluwasoga Oni—one of cofounders of MDaaS Global which started with the importation of refurbished medical diagnostic equipment