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Senegal: A Country Of Culture, Fashion, And Fun

Senegal is a West African country with a rich culture and history. It is also home to some of the most fashionable people in Africa.

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Meet Senegalese Queen Serere In 10 Jaw-Dropping Outfits

Queen Serere’s fashion style on her Instagram account will keep you spellbound. Call it a virtual wardrobe with amazing outfits. Here are our top 10

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Trends Come And Go But The African Style Remains: Photos Of Senegal 1961

African fashion has always been vibrant, colorful, and unique. Over the years, it has evolved and undergone significant changes, reflecting the cultural and social transformation

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SENEGAL PROTESTS: Opposition Leader Released.

In recent weeks, West African country Senegal, has witnessed and experienced a civil unrest resulting in what is now being referred to as the Senegal

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Meet Senegal’s first female pro surfer inspiring girls to take to the waves

Growing up in the coastal capital of Dakar, Khadjou Sambe never saw a Black woman surfing the Atlantic swells. As Senegal’s first female professional surfer,

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COVID 19: Senegal set to fully reopen worship centres

Some Senegalese mosques opened their doors on Friday after the government eased coronavirus restrictions, but others judged the rate of infection too high and stayed

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Senegal closes hotels, worship centres after Registering 39 Covid-19 Cases

The Senegalese Ministry of Health announced this weekend additional two new cases bringing the total to 39 cases of Covid-19; 5 patients that are being

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Some African Sports programmes shelved as Second Case of Coronavirus emerges in Senegal

A second case of coronavirus was confirmed in Senegal as elsewhere on the African continent various sporting events are cancelled to prevent the spread of

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Senegal Confirms First Case of Coronavirus

The first COVID-19 coronavirus case has been reported last Monday in Senegal, being the second country in Sub-Saharan Africa, after Nigeria to confirm the contagious