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Ascension Capital Partners Invests In Paul’s Muesli: A Boost For South African Muesli Producer

Ascension Capital Partners, a prominent South African private equity firm, has made headlines with its recent acquisition of a 45% shareholding in Paul’s Muesli, a

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Representation Matters: How Thuso Mbedu Challenges Beauty Norms With L’Oréal

Thuso Mbedu is a South African actress who has garnered international acclaim for her exceptional talent and contributions to the world of entertainment. Born on

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Thebe Magugu: I Chose My Late Grandmother Matiego Magugu – Who Will You Memorialise?

“Two more days until the launch of The Heirloom Shirt, where you can upload images of someone you would like to memorialise on this Satin

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DigsConnect: A Rollicking Journey From Ramshackle Roofs To Rooftop Success In South Africa

Ah, student life—a delightful blend of late-night cramming sessions, questionable dining choices, and the eternal quest for affordable housing. In the “age-old” battle against dilapidated

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Elon Musk Takes On OpenAI With New AI Startup: What You Need To Know

Just last month, as reported, the billionaire entrepreneur originally from South Africa, Elon Musk and more than 1,800 signed an open letter for a six-month

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Fuata Moyo: The Fusion Of Art And Fashion

Clothes for canvas with unique artworks is what defines Fuata Mofo fashion. It is a fusion of art and fashion. Follow the heART, is the

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Thula Sindi: Inside South Africa’s Designer World

As South African Fashion Week approaches, it would be an amazing experience to take a look at Thula Sindi’s designs. His designs have a touch

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Chinezi Chijioke: Nova Pioneer Building The Next African Generation

When a teacher asks her/his students the popular question: what would you like to be when you grow up? You would agree that not many

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FAIS Act Clarified: Does The Act Now Makes Crypto A Legal Tender In South Africa?

According to the new FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) Act in South Africa, cryptocurrency assets are classified as financial products—which can be regulated. Eugene

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Wally Fry: From Selling Livestock To Becoming A Pioneer Of A Successful Vegan Business In South Africa

If Wally Fry never met Debbie who gave birth to their daughter—Tammy, a born vegetarian; maybe Fry’s—a successful plant-based food business, wouldn’t be a thing