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Cuban doctors land in South Africa to join fight against COVID-19

More than 200 Cuban health professionals touched down in South Africa in the early hours of Monday morning, greeted by South African and Cuban politicians

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Lockdown helpful in tackling COVID-19 but unsustainable – Ramaphosa

The nationwide lockdown implemented by the South African government to contain COVID-19 has delayed the spread of the virus and given government time to prepare

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South Africa’s tobacco association to challenge cigarette ban in court

The Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association (FITA) will be approaching the courts to have the ban on the sale of cigarettes under the national lockdown lifted.

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IMF Projects Negative GDP Growth for Nigeria, SA in 2020

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted a negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of -3.4 per cent for Nigeria in 2020, due to the ongoing

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South Africa Extends Coronavirus Lockdown, Slashes Cabinet Ministers’ Salaries

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has extended the country’s coronavirus lockdown by another two weeks, effectively closing down free movement and much of the economy

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South Africa rolls out mobile testing in COVID 19 lockdown

South African public healthcare managers flagged off a nationwide mass testing plan as workers dispersed into the buzzing streets of Johannesburg on Friday as Africa’s

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World-Renowned South Africa HIV Scientist, Gita Ramjee, Dies of COVID-19 Complications

Professor Gita Ramjee, who recently returned from a trip to London, and was admitted to hospital with pneumonia has died in an Umhlanga hospital, in

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South Africa: Idols SA Top 10 Announced

After two weeks of exceptional performances at Idols SA season 16, it was the end of the road for six of the contestants as the


South Africa: Two lions maul owner to death

A South African, West Mathewson, has been mauled to death on Wednesday by two white lions in his lodge. The 69-year-old was killed by two

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South African cinema industry launches campaign in preparation for reopening

A consolidated industry campaign titled ‘It’s Time To Go BIG Again’ has been launched in preparation for the reopening of South African cinemas scheduled for