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Unlocking Gabon’s Tech Potential: SING’s Journey To Empower Startups

Gabon, a resource-rich nation in central Africa, possesses the potential for a thriving tech ecosystem. With its youthful population, ranking third in gross national income

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Google Grants $4M To 25 African Startups In Third Black Founders Fund Cohort

Google for Startups (GfS) has chosen 25 African startups as part of the third cohort of the Black Founders Fund (BFF). In March 2023, Google

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How InsectiPro Turns Food Waste Into Animal Feed

Somehow all around the world, no matter how we try to not waste food, there is still some level of food wastage. Kenyan startup, InsectiPro,

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Staying Ahead Of The Curve In Tech Industry: Edidiong Ekong Shares Tech Experience

In an exclusive interview Edidiong Ekong recently had with Tech Cabal, the senior marketing executive who has worked with African startups in different sectors including

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VC Predictions: Layoffs To Increase In The African Startup Ecosystem 2023

According to Abel Boreto, Novastar Ventures, there might be some sort of funding slowdown in scaling startups in Africa by venture capital firms this year:

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African Entrepreneurs On The Rise Despite Limitations Surrounding Internet Connectivity

Word on antoa’s street—TechTouch—is that 81% of surveyed top executives at venture capital and private equity companies believe that there would be a huge entrepreneurial

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Sinergi Burkina Flying African Startups To The Top

Sinergi Burkina is an investment firm in Burkina Faso with a laser focus taking startups and Small Medium Enterprises to the next level in Sub-Saharan

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How Does Venture Capital Work? Find Out From Olu Oyinsan

For Olu Oyinsan, the founder Oui Capital, “It’s 8 times more difficult to raise money as a VC (venture capitalist) compared to a founder.” According

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Marketforce Downsizes Over 600 Employees By 9%

Kenyan startup, Marketforce, reportedly dowsized its workforce significantly last month. Although, comparing the rate of layoffs going on globally, African tech scene is still on