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How Three Nigerian Entrepreneurs In The US Raised Over $10 Million For Agrictech Startup

On Tech Touch last month, the year opened with the scary predictions of venture capital firms talking about slow or no funding in scaling African

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The 7 Simple Ways To Install Starlink: It’s Not Rocket Science

Now that Starlink is available for use, I can say that the installation is not rocket science. All thanks to an aerospace manufacturer and space

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How Native Teams Is Fast-Tracking International Payments For Freelancers In Africa

From the journey of landing your first gig and receiving a successful international payment as a freelancer in Africa isn’t a day job. I’m sure

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The Cry Behind The Smile Of Uber Drivers In Africa As It Marks A Decade

While multinational tech solutions advance to Africa to provide jobs and tackle unemployment, they also milk the continent through their well-baked digital labour exploitation strategies

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Telcom Expert Titi Fakuade Shares Life and Career Lessons

We ought to give women holding critical roles their flowers everyday for changing the game and elevating Africa in the tech industry. Titi Fakuade, the

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Are AI Technologies Here To Take Our Jobs? A Talk With Ayokunle Ayoko

Ayokunle Ayoko is a legal advisor and an award-winning general counsel who recently shared on his social media concerns about the possibility or probability of

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UK College Board Interview: The Attire Was The Statement Of Inclusiveness And Diversity They Needed – Dr. Obi

Ifeanyi Obi, an Associate Professor of Construction in the UK, is a PhD holder in Architecture and Construction Management and a software innovator in BuildTech

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VC Predictions: Layoffs To Increase In The African Startup Ecosystem 2023

According to Abel Boreto, Novastar Ventures, there might be some sort of funding slowdown in scaling startups in Africa by venture capital firms this year:

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A Recap Of The Africa Bitcoin Conference 2022: The Transparent Financial System For All

Towards the end of the financial year 2022, the Africa Bitcoin Conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa in December. Choosing Cape Town for

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Twitter To Delete 1.5 Billion Inactive Accounts To Free Up “Name Space”

According to the current owner of Twitter and co-founder of OpenAI—among other billion dollar businesses, Elon Musk, 1.5 billion dormant accounts on Twitter would be