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AWC Series

Kenzy Moses: In Search Of Dreams

Kenzy Moses is a bartender in the city of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, where he sells alcohol and Arabian tea. His story rings a


GRACE IKECHUKWU: The Unwavering Dream Of Becoming A Movie Star

Grace Ikechukwu is a young aspiring actress working through difficulties in making ends meet as a result of the pandemic. Despite the uncertainty, she has


DJ Bobby D: The Journey On A Turntable And The Songs of Hope

Bobby, popularly known as DJ Bobby D, loves music. Music is his life. In his dark moments, music is the light stretching her hands. Music

AWC Series

The Fight For Equal Recognition Of Health Practitioners

Ade Martin Abiola studies Pharmacy at Bingham University and has been greatly inspired by popular pharmacist, health practicioner and entrepreneur Stella Chinyelu Okoli, the founder

AWC Series

PETERS CHIKE: The Woes Of The Nigerian Economy

Peters Chike holds degrees in Banking and Finance, and Business Management respectively. He currently works at Social Development Secretariat (Federal Capital Territory, Abuja), formerly known

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POS MACHINES: A Game-changer Amid The Pandemic

There’s a tremendous rise of point of sale (POS) business transactions in Africa since the global economy was hit by the pandemic. Prior to Covid-19


ERNEST MUHAMMED: The Importance of Being Earnest

Ernest Muhammed is an excavator and wheel loader machine operator. He is diverse and also a salon owner. The name “Ernest” has been the compass


ODEY LINUS: The Story Of A Dog Lover And Where His Passion Lies

Odey Linus is an apprentice in a male beauty salon where he is honing his skills in cutting men’s hair in a small community. Odey


STARTING YOUNG: GemHub- From A Blog To A Hub

Ernestina Kabukour Kateye is a Ghanaian life coach. She is starting with one person and one continent at a time. As a millennial, she believes


Chidimma Cynthia: The Power of Dreams Amidst Nightmares

Chidimma Cynthia is young passionate business enthusiast. She grew up with a silver spoon and then she lost both parents. Despite her education being affected