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Africans Masterminding Africa

ReelFruit: How A Nigerian Dried Fruit Snacks Producer Is Expanding To The US

Affiong Williams, the CEO of ReelFruit, sees the Nigerian diaspora in America as a prime opportunity for her company to enter the US market. She

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Why Are Dwarf Mannequins Hard To Spot

Have you ever seen a dwarf mannequin or mannequins in a store? You may have or you may have never seen one with its arms


US now has the highest COVID 19 infections worldwide, overtakes China, Italy

The United States last Thursday took over the despicable title of the country with the most coronavirus infections and reported a record surge in unemployment


China trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research —US

US authorities warned Wednesday that Chinese hackers were attempting to steal coronavirus data on treatments and vaccines, adding fuel to Washington’s war with Beijing over

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U.S. wants China to consider debt relief for Africa

The US says African countries burdened with Chinese loans should seek a change of terms with their lender, during the Covid-19 pandemic. In a teleconference