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How Adeyemi Ajao Made It Against All “Sounds Like A Nigerian Scam”

Adeyemi Ajao is a Spanish-Nigerian entrepreneur who has successfully launched and sold two startups that are currently worth over $1 billion: Cabify and Jobandtalent. (Cabify

Business/Tech Touch

VC Predictions: Layoffs To Increase In The African Startup Ecosystem 2023

According to Abel Boreto, Novastar Ventures, there might be some sort of funding slowdown in scaling startups in Africa by venture capital firms this year:

Business/Tech Touch

How Does Venture Capital Work? Find Out From Olu Oyinsan

For Olu Oyinsan, the founder Oui Capital, “It’s 8 times more difficult to raise money as a VC (venture capitalist) compared to a founder.” According