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5 Tie And Dye Patterns And How You Can Do It Yourself

In some parts of Africa people take pride in their cultural tie and dye techniques as a representation of identity and cultural creativity. Commonly in

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Africa is known for her amazing artworks with global recognition. Many artworks from Africa have crossed the sea to different parts of the world. Some

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10 Amazing Dance Styles That Spell AFRICA

It’s one body sprouting with countless stems of unimaginable dance moves as the ears listen to the beats of Africa. Like music, dancing is an

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AFRICAN CLOTHING: The African Identity

History of African Clothing The beauty of African identity is fabricated in her unique attires. Before suit and tie, Africans walked majestically in kilts, skirts,

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The Origin Of Music And The Voice Behind It

How did words in seductive rhythm and sounds emerging from man-made instruments come to be a uniting force known as “music” among all humans in

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10 Dog Breeds You Probably Thought Were From America

So many African dog breeds have been mistaken to originate from other parts of the world especially America. The importation of dogs into the continent