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Can You Keep Up With Elon Musk’s Twitter/X Demands? Elon Suggests Monthly Subscription

Paying for a bluetick started like a joke until users started paying to get verified on X (formerly called Twitter). Verified or not, Elon Musk

Business/Tech Touch

X Becoming The “Everything App” With Video Calls

X, formerly known as Twitter, has taken a giant leap forward in its quest to become the go-to app for users by introducing video calls.

Business/Tech Touch

Musk Announces The Removal Of X’s ‘Block’ Function

Is the potential removal of the block feature on X (formerly Twitter) part of their roadmap or just an off-handed remark? It’s uncertain for now.

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Twitter X Monetization: How To Qualify And Thrive As An African Content Creator

The online world has been abuzz with activity after Elon Musk’s Twitter X implemented an expanded program for creators to earn money, involving a share