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What used to be considered a problem in other parts of the world have been smartly solved by tech.

Old problems that have been solved years past are some how the today’s problems in Africa. While we’re busy talking about old problems, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope in United States are busy exploring space.

The first full-color image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope


But why has the situation not changed ever since African states gained independence from colonial rule aside Ethiopia–the only African country that was never colonized?

You can blame it on poor post-independence leadership, the continuous influence of the Europeans, and religion.

Despite the hardship, entrepreneurs are not ready to give up on the continent. By harnessing the power tech, we have seen the rise of fintechs, the innovations in the automobile industry, agriculture, and in different sectors.

This generation are ready to not fail those coming after. And technology is one solid way to get there. Although, policies made by the African governments continue to stand as obstacles in liberating the people from poverty.

Even intra-African trade designed to boost the ecosystem is neither free nor continental. This is because poor infrastructures and non-committal governments combined make the free flow of goods and services difficult. 

When it comes to quality infrastructure that can support effective intra-African trade, trade between countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Egypt will be a great example. So far, these countries have met the custom requirements on infrastructure for trading. But when compared to global supply chain, this is not even close to progress.

To get things right, the governments have to sit in the same room with African entrepreneurs to kickstart talks on true sustainable development.

There is no need for halfway investment as seen with periodic empowerment programs for youths and small businesses.

To prepare Africa for sustainable development, its problems have to be dealt squarely for good.

By Elijah Christopher

Have a beautiful day.

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