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“Omo bro wetin be the scores with that update wey Kani post for group chat now??”.

It has been some days since Mike-O returned to Abule from his visit to his family home in Abeokuta. Timmy has recently been introduced to crypto and ForEX trading through an acquaintance named Kani. Mike-O has been brought up to speed since his return as well.

The idea initially sounded interesting when Kani laid it out, but Timmy and especially Mike-O have approached it with some skepticism. Mike-O doesn’t particularly have a lot of faith in such ideas that are advertised by “hustling boys” like himself, who are looking for as many options of a financial breakthrough as possible.

Mike-O and Timmy have despite their skepticism of the idea, opted to be added to a social media group chat for tutorials and updates, or in local parlance “scores”. Kani posted an update the previous night and Timmy is interested in knowing Mike-O’s thoughts on it.

Mike-O then says, in response to Timmy’s question “Alaye, make I yarn you, I never ready put money for that level o. For where the money dey sef??”. Timmy then laughs and replies “You na big man o, nothing big pass you”, eliciting laughter from Mike-O.

Between both young men, they know the responsibilities hanging on their necks are enough to occupy their minds, and while they welcome every opportunity they can to earn some money, they would rather do something they are familiar with, and have relative control of.

Mike-O then backs up his previous reply saying “Timmy don’t get me wrong o, investments are a great way to ensure financial security, and some passive income. But my brother, no be our priority right now. Right now, we dey try run clear of sapa“. Tis causes Timmy to burst out laughing again, with Mike-O joining him and adding “You be idiot guy, see as you dey laugh”.

The duo talk a bit more about cryptocurrency and trading as it relates to the Nigerian landscape and reach a bit of a conclusion that one cannot be solely independent on it, and as much as possible, one should be as emotionally detached from the whole thing as possible. After they’re done, Mike-O fetches his ATM card and announces “Omo, I’m going to get some food o, you’re coming??”, to which Timmy instantly springs to his feet, as they both head out the apartment.

*********** *********** ************* *************

In Lekki, situated on the island of Lagos City, which mostly comprises highbrow neighborhoods and generally exhibits the “Lagos money” that people keep talking about, Mrs. Olowomeye is organizing a welcome party for her daughter, Teniola, who recently graduated in style from the University of Greenwich where she had studied broadcasting.

Of the two children she has, Teniola is Mrs. Olowomeye”s favorite. This is because her first child, a male child, Adeola, has led a wayward life for the longest time. He had been sent to the best schools in an outside Nigeria, but he has more or less proved himself a waste of financial resources.

Adeola had managed to drop out of three different higher institutions before being forced to return to Nigeria, where his family had put him in a private university and practically bought him a degree. He is not a dullard in any way, he is just an indecorous and unruly child. He is very good at computer programming and things along those lines.

Adeola however, rather squanders the family wealth by partying every now and then, driving all around town with his friends, picking up girls, getting high, and fighting at nightclubs. This disheartens his mother a lot but he is still her child and so she simply takes solace in the fact that she at least has another child she is fully proud of.

At the massive house, everything has been set: the decor, the catering, everything is done by high-end professional event planners- a testament to the family’s wealth and elite taste. There are scores of guests already hobnobbing, some of whom have spilled to the foyer.

The house is abuzz and one would ordinarily believe that this is the venue for something more than a homecoming event. But this is rich people territory, and rich people always do as they please.

Not long after Teniola’s arrival, the party is in full swing and there is laughter, some music, and presentation of gifts. Adeola and his crew can be found in one corner of the main living room, “doing their thing” and to the relief of Mrs. Olowomeye, they manage not to upset the gathering.

The relative lack of drama is however short lived. As the party progresses, commotion can be heard outside the main house, getting closer and closer until finally the house security guard comes in to announce the presence of some “special guests” of Adeola’s.

“Special guests?? Who be those ones?? Man I got my goons here with me, so I don’t have any special guests coming around bro”. However, a tall dark figure in sunshades, walks in, accompanied by three other men. He introduces himself “Good day, everyone. Good day Mrs. Olowomeye. They call me Shadow. You don’t know me, but your son, ‘Prettyboy AD’, knows me very well. We don’t mean to disrupt your partying, but your boy and I have got scores to settle”.

With this, the party takes on a less celebratory dimension as tension fills the air. This is the aftermath of one of Adeola’s infamous club fights, and it would seem as though he has bitten off more than he can chew.

By Oluwamayowa Akinyemi

Oluwamayowa Akinyemi

Oluwamayowa Akinyemi is a digital and web content developer with experience in web content development and management as well as research and writing. He is an avid reader of random subject matters and a sucker for movies and video games. He is also passionate about youth empowerment and is a global affairs analyst and enthusiast.