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According to TechCrunch, Twitter will finally remove legacy checkmarks on the 20th April. “If the move goes through, Twitter will have verification marks only for paid users and businesses, and government entities and officials.”

Twitter is currently considering removing these legacy check marks, which has caused a lot of speculation about how users would respond to this change.

The legacy checkmarks have been a valuable tool for users to distinguish between legitimate accounts and fake ones. It has also been a symbol of status and prestige, as verified accounts tend to belong to celebrities, public figures, and influential individuals.

However, the removal of legacy check marks could also have negative consequences. Many users may feel that the blue badge is a symbol of recognition and may be disappointed to see it go. Some verified accounts may even feel that their status is being devalued, which could lead to a backlash from these users.

While some celebrities may value the blue checkmark as a symbol of status or credibility, it’s unlikely that they would be willing to pay for it. Without the blue badge, it may be easier for fake accounts to pose as legitimate ones, which could lead to confusion and mistrust among Twitter users.

Overall, the removal of legacy check marks on Twitter is a significant change that could have both positive and negative consequences. While it may help address some of the issues of misinformation on the platform, it could also lead to a backlash from users and an increase in impersonation accounts.

Only time will tell how users will ultimately respond to this change, and it will be interesting to see how Twitter navigates this potential shift in its verification system.

By Elijah Christopher




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