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To purchase crypto, you might want to take the safe route as a Nigerian and you’ve to be really smart in this volatile global market.

Funny how it would be illegal to trade crypto via a bank in Nigeria. The CBN is strongly against that kind of move. But why? I’m sorry I won’t be talking about it here.

Despite the ban, buying cryptocurrency is not impossible. As a matter of fact, it got better—it’s designed to be decentralized anyway. The future of cryptocurrency regardless of the ups and downs still remains promising. It could be the way for many to become wealthy.

So how do you go about it in Nigeria?

It’s simple. P2P—peer to peer transaction.

P2P has been one of the best and fastest way to trade crypto for fiat even before CBN ban. But technically the bank is still involve for a successful transaction.

This is when you have to be smart. You don’t want to tell the bank that it has to do with crypto right?

Using A Mobile Bank App For The Transaction, Don’t Type “Crypto” Or Anything Close To It As The Narration!!!

You don’t want to hint your bank. Or else, you risk losing your money or your account getting blocked. If that happens, I’m so sorry you read this article on TechTouch late.

Top Crypto Platforms To Buy Reliable Tokens Via P2P As Well As Getting Updates To Claim NFTs 🙂

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By Elijah Christopher


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