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We see the top fashion designers in the fashion industry in Africa and the amazing clothes that keep us fly. But let’s take all that away like Kendrick Lamar spitting on N95 “Take off the Chanel, Take off the Dolce, Take off the Birkin bag (take it off), Take all that designer…And what do you have?”

What you are going to find is African mothers and daughters working round the clock to keep fathers and sons looking royal all day long. Don’t get me wrong, the fashion industry in Africa isn’t all women but it is definitely female dominated. Why? Let’s talk about it.

The Marginalization Of Women In The Past Made Women The Earliest Fashion Designers On The Continent 

History shows that while women are denied “formal education” and prepared for early marriage what automatically happens is that they are encouraged to make clothes to be relevant in the society. Although it may be controversial, but a woman made the pants all men rock today with smiles hanging on our faces.

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Fashion designing or the lose word “tailoring” is not the only thing women are encouraged to do. But it’s somehow the major deal. That’s why till date one will find the industry dominated by females in Africa and probably globally. Another factor is, women love to look dope by nature. Their body in itself is a fashion brand for them alone. And likewise men too but we all know how African men go crazy when they spot the curves.

Fashion designers in Africa come from the grassroots. They are the average people who made it out. Not as loud as Christian Dior but we can definitely write to the world about the ankara brands, designs, and the continuous innovative styles.

Cloth making in Africa is a go to for most ladies who even acquired the formal education in a university. Some are doing it as a side hustle to make end meets. And for others, it’s a lifetime thing.

Through their works using both old and new technology to innovate African designs, Africa’s history and culture has been greatly promoted.

By Elijah Christopher



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