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Grammy Award Shows have continually pushed the boundaries of fashion creativity with artists using their style to express themselves and make bold statements.

From over-the-top designs to classic chic, their looks have never failed to impress. They are no longer confined to traditional attire and instead take risks, setting the tone for memorable red carpet moments that keep us wanting more.

Of Nigerian descent and American rapper, Tobechukwu Dubem “Tobe” Nwigwe, and wife—Martica “Fat” Nwigwe appeared in dazzling self-designed outfit at the 65th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Tobe has made a name for himself through his boundary-pushing music videos, which showcase his unique blend of fashion, sound and visuals. His powerful lyrics often touch on themes of identity, community, and resilience. His goal is to use his platform to bring about positive change and inspire.

Nominated for Best New Artist at the Awards, Tobe considered his “loss” as a win for reaching this far.

Too many wins to see this as a loss – Tobe

65th Grammy Awards: Best New Artist Category 

“This category recognizes an artist whose eligibility-year release(s) achieved a breakthrough into the public consciousness and notably impacted the musical landscape.”


Omar Apollo

DOMi & JD Beck

Muni Long

Samara Joy – WINNER



Tobe Nwigwe

Molly Tuttle

Wet Leg

This isn’t the first time for the rapper and founder of the nonprofit TeamGINI—derived from “Gini Bu Nkpa Gi?” meaning “What’s your purpose?” in Nigerian Igbo language.

Tobe Nwigwe was nominated for his first Grammy Award in 2020 for Best Rap/Sung Performance for his song “Catch the Wave” featuring Hit-Boy. This was a milestone for the Houston-based artist and confirmed his standing as one of the most promising acts in music today. His nomination is a testament to his creativity and talent, demonstrating that he is a force to be reckoned with.

By Elijah Christopher



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