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In a runway event in Lagos, organized by Greenfingers Wildlife Conservation, teens catwalked in clothes made from trash that many people have never seen to stress the need for Waste Management: waste recycling and waste reduction.

The fashionable clothes are made from plastic  bottles, dustbin bags, bottle caps and plastic roofing materials. The literally jaw-dropping presentation made the audience curious and excited.

I almost didn’t mention that some came in newspapers, Capri-Sun juice packets, and carrier bags.

The show which took place on a Saturday last weekend was organized to educate and entertain. According to UN, fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output. And according to the founder of Greenfingers Wildlife Conservation, Chinedu Mogbo, there isn’t enough education about pollution and climate issues. Hence, the main reason for trashion runway.

Branded carrier bags


Capri-Sun juice packets






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By Elijah Christopher


Elijah Christopher is a lifelong creative artist and a journalist for “A New Touch Of Africa”, an American news media and magazine focusing on Africa-related issues, fashion, new technologies and innovations. He has contributed to several published works, most notably a collaborative poem celebrating Scottish poet Edwin Morgan and in 2021 was the winner of the DIAJ Award for his photo-artistry.

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