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Vyno Miller is the picture of cool music and hot fashion from Midrand—located in the Johannesburg metropolis in Gauteng, South Africa.

Midland is literally half way between East Rand and Pretoria. Vyno is a musician and a songwriter who hails from Midrand. His genre of music gives you the chills and one thing that makes him stands out is how fashionable he often appears.

Don’t be carried away by the charming looks and cool music, Vyno can go wild—wild as the crazy energy you get from the sound of Amapiano—the most dominant genre in South Africa which can be fused with trap and kwaito music.

In an interview, he revealed that he prefers spending more time doing live performance than recording in the studio.

The music scene and fashion industry in South Africa continue to flourish somehow hand-in-hand as sounds and styles become mainstream.


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By Elijah Christopher



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