We are in total control of Mali – Col. Assimi Goita, Military leader

|Army colonel Assimi Goita, on Wednesday emerged to introduce himself as the leader of the “National Committee for the Salvation of the People”. The new military leader in Mali also declared that he and his group are in total control of the country. 

“Mali is in a situation of socio-political crisis. There is no more room for mistakes,” Goita, surrounded by armed military men, told journalists.According to AFP, Several military men, on condition of anonymity  had earlier revealed that Goita was the true force behind the coup. Goita, who is in his forties, had until now headed Mali’s special forces based in the centre of the west African country, torn for the last five years by jihadist and sectarian violence.The dramatic events in one of Africa’s most volatile countries began early Tuesday, when rebel officers mutinied at a base near Bamako and headed into the city, where they detained Keita and Cisse.

Hours later, Keita – beset by angry protests over economic stagnation, corruption and a brutal Islamist insurgency – announced his resignation.

He said he had been given no other choice but to quit, and sought to avoid bloodshed

The African Union, European Union, the United States and the UN Security Council have all condemned the forceful take-over. However the opposition coalition M5-RFP said in a statement that “it took note of the commitment” the junta has made to “open a civilian political transition” and would work with it on “developing a roadmap”.

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