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Ever since computer and the Internet was invented, they became a huge part of our lives. They are here to stay and grow.

Without them, it is much easier to silent journalists. You probably may not be reading this article or any blog post on your device connected to the Internet at this point in time. But here you are.

Web3 or Web3.0 as others may call it seems to be the next big phase of the Internet. Although, South African born entrepreneur, Tesla co-founder and current owner of Twitter; Elon Musk, thinks is nothing but a “buzzword”.

We can’t talk about Web3 without talking about Web1, Web2, and of course the origin of the Internet.

Remember Philip Emeagwali? The Nigerian computer scientist who is controversially known as the father of the Internet? Some still believe that he is actually the spark that brought about the creation of the Internet by the US government in 1970s.


Web, the first application on a bunch of connected computers was designed as a “hyperlinked information system” in 1990.

Users could browse by clicking linked text and images.


Web2 became an unforgettable advancement with the introduction of browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and of course Mosaic.

Altavista was the Google of the good old days. It came as default 🙂

More advancement came with the creation of social media and different user contents from across the globe began to flood our screens. Think of our blogs and millions of blogs right now.

The Cloud appears to have unlimited room for countless data.  And today big tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter , Facebook among others are the face of Web2.


The idea behind Web3 is to decentralize the control of data and to promote token-based economics–cryptocurrency, NFTs. It has everything to do with blockchain technology.

While people are in support of the Web3 idea, some critics think that decentralization will lead to the proliferation of harmful contents and loss of privacy.

By Elijah Christopher 



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