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An unfortunate event filtered in the news, as it was announced by former Egyptian Football Association (EFA), Vice President, Ahmed Shobier that AFCON trophy has disappeared from CAF Headquarters in Cairo.

According to Kick off, Ahmed Shobier has issued a remarkable claim that the most coveted title in African football has mysteriously disappeared. The Egyptian national team achieved unprecedented success between 2006 and 2010 when they lifted the AFCON title three times, thus affording the opportunity to claim the floating trophy permanently. 

However, the silverware that was achieved under the guidance of legendary coach Hassan Shehata has seemingly been stolen.

“The EFA started looking for some trophies as they aim to put them in a notable museum inside the EFA,” Shobier said. “However, the EFA was surprised to find that the AFCON trophy was lost and decided to open an investigation. “They were informed by an employee inside the association that it was held by former Egypt captain Ahmed Hassan who refuted this claim. Nobody knows where the trophy is at the time being.”

The question left for EFA and CAF to answer is who is holding to onto the trophy?



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