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With the 6 week plan to gradually unlock Nigeria and open up the country to ease off the economic pains of the current COVID 19 pandemic, the hope of social activities taking off albeit on a limited scale from June seems realistic. A similar trend is also happening in other African countries battling the coronavirus.

Diaries of churches and registries are full, as thousands of  prospective couples are eagerly waiting to  churn out millions of  wedding invitations  ceremonies as soon as gatherings of up to 200 persons are permitted. Just like every other thing, anxiety in the jostle to arrange a lingering wedding event can lead to painful errors.

Organising a successful wedding is just like planning any vital project that involves spending scare resources. Your budget must define your options and drive your decisions.  No one goes for shopping without clearly establishing his financial parameters. 

An experienced wedding planner will help the couples avoid throwing money at things you weren’t prepared for. And take the load of planning off the celebrants for them to enjoy themselves.

Too often we see couples get so wrapped up in the details that the focus shifts from the celebration of a marriage ceremony to a fixation on the ‘stuff’ of a wedding.  It’s hard to have fun and be fully “present” in this once-in-a-lifetime moment if the celebrants and close family members are busy worrying over the nitty-gritty of making the wedding a huge success. 

Of course every celebrant wants  friends and guests to have fun, but ultimately it’s their wedding. Worrying too much about the wedding-planning process, the event flow etc take the focus away from what everyone should really be celebrating. In any wedding, is all about you- the celebrants.

Give your heart a seat at your wedding. Let the experts take the pressure at a very flexible cost. 

For Folks in west Africa, particularly Nigeria and other neighbouring countries, there are seasoned professionals in Lagos who can forecast—down to the nano-second—how your wedding party should go and manage it in the most exciting manner like the one they handled in the video. A brief trip to Yes I do bridals on 43 Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Suru-Lere would be a wise decision for anyone organising a wedding in Nigeria or any of the neighbouring countries. Or you can SMS or Call 08168385779, 08103076289. This location is a one-stop-shop for photography, video, MC, makeup, stylist, and every other thing about wedding.  You only need to be clear about what you want. You can always trust the offering and creative license of this team to produce the best end result that will keep the memories of those great moments lingering for a very long time.



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