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The Zambian hip-hop star, Chanda Mbao, has released the final version
of the “Wave” series featuring Skales, in order to tie Africans
together. The music is a grand conception of African musical

The reports that the music star had earlier launched an
initial ‘Wave’ series with an anthemic hook and easily digestible
bars. This spread like wildfire across Southern Africa allowing the
rapper focus on taking the music into sun-regions. With the success of
the initial one, he launched ‘The Bigger Wave” which was done in
collaboration with South African and Mozambican heavyweights Da L.E.S
and Laylizzy. This further captivated Southern Africa and shored up
the Africa culture.

Now, he has released “The Final Wave”. This is made up of a collection
of singles that harnesses the power of collaboration across the
continent, bringing the indigenous flavour of each region into a
singular arrangement.

As a result of the interest of Africans in Western music over the
years, African musicians have also taken steps to produce music that
will endear their people, while also emphasizing the urgency for unity
among musicians and practitioners in the music eco-system. Though
Africa nations have their own style, from Nigeria’s Afro-beats to
Ghana’s highlife, and others which creates a multiplicity of sounds,
‘Hip-hops’ have proved to unite a continent of over one billion people
with an appreciation for cadence and rhythm.



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