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In Zambia, farmers of fruits and vegetables without a cold storage facility are always on the losing side.

It’s quite sad for the farmers. To prevent food spoilage, they work with third parties. But this doesn’t solve the problem, because business with third parties could very exploitative still leaving these farmers at the losing end.

Hence, this has become a business opportunity for Savenda Capital among others. Savenda plans to replace the unfair system as well as focusing on the reduction of food spoilage with efficient cold storage facilities in Lusaka.

Savenda also intends to introduce strict transparent market rules and the use of a trading software system called ZAMBIAFresh. Local farmers will be taught how to sell their produce through ZAMBIAFresh, and all produce can be traceable back to them providing more transparency as it both buyers and sellers fair prices.

By Elijah Christopher 


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