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Following the footsteps of South Africa and Nigeria,  Zimbabwe is set to host its own version of the reality television show, Big Brother, in a few months.

This was revealed last weekend at an event hosted by Teemak Promotions, who announced that the show will be called “One House”.

Asked if Zimbabwe was ready for such a show considering that a lot of money was needed for house construction, camera settings, prize money and a broadcasting channel, among other requirements to host the show, Teemak Promotions boss Taona Osward Chipunza, said they had the capacity to host it.

“We have done thorough research on what needs to be done and what is required to host such a show,” he said. “Right now we are busy with various meetings and planning of the show which is scheduled to begin by October or November. We are capable as we have the money. We do not need sponsors for now, but maybe partners.”

Chipunza said the show would run for a month and was only for 21 to 30 year-olds.

“The show will be live just like what you see on Big Brother South Africa or Nigeria,” he said. “We also want to give the young generation an equal opportunity to shine, hence the show will only be restricted to 21 to 30-year-olds.

“The housemates will be in the house for close to a month. We will not reveal where the house is, but I can guarantee you that it is already under construction.”

Chipunza said the prize money was US$50 000 and the auditions would be conducted by a team already put in place.

“We have set a team which will help with the auditions, selecting the candidates and again we will also have some of our local celebrities and musicians to spice up the show,” he said.

“The winner will take US$50 000. We will create a platform for the voting process which will be user-friendly for everyone.”

Chipunza said they would also engage the relevant authorities to assist.

“We are talking with the Ministry of Home Affairs to help us engage the relevant authorities,” he said.

“The show will have a cultural aspect, with some serious ground rules too.”

It remains to been seen if Chipunza’s project will be a success considering that some other local organisations have in the past tried to come up with the same concept but failed to implement it.

Some art critics queried the possibility of staging such a show, especially in such a short time when there are lots of logistics required to be in place.



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