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The Zimbabwean government has said it is ready to grant workers up to six months sick leave on full pay  if they contract COVID-19 while on duty.

The government also promised to pay medical bills for frontline health staff,  according to reports from News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Generally, civil servants are entitled to 90 days’ sick-leave on full salary, but possible complications due to COVID-19 have led the government to revise the regulation.

The World Health Organisation’s latest protocols give two weeks as the longest recovery period, but there have been cases of people who, while no longer infectious, still suffer from complications and recurring symptoms.

The Secretary for the Public Service Commission, Jonathan Wutawunashe, said the commission was looking at several adjustments to protect its workers.

“We have adjusted a lot of things to protect our workers, such as for how long can you be ill and still (be) paid a full salary.

“It has been adjusted from 90 days to 180 days. It is an adjustment of what is normal.

“There is normal coverage of the medical expenses for all civil servants, and we are also taking care of the medical expenses for frontline workers,” he said.

The government has since instructed that the bulk of its workers work from home in a bid to curtail the spread of COVID-19″.



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