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Gisèla van Houcke, the visionary founder of beauty company Zuri, has made a significant impact in the hair business within Africa.

Her journey began with a profound realization of the untapped potential in the African hair market. Recognizing the cultural significance of hair and the growing demand for high-quality hair products, Gisèla saw an opportunity to not only cater to this market but also empower local communities.

With a keen eye for business opportunities, Gisèla identified the Democratic Republic of Congo as an ideal location for her venture. The country, along with neighboring Rwanda and Uganda, possessed a vast consumer base and a rich cultural heritage intertwined with hair care practices. Moreover, the region lacked sufficient access to quality hair extensions, wigs, hair care products, and cosmetics.

Driven by a passion to meet the needs of African consumers, Gisèla founded Zuri. The company quickly gained popularity for its commitment to producing premium products that catered to diverse hair types and styles. 

Zuri’s success was not solely attributed to its high-quality offerings but also to its dedication to fair trade practices, sustainability, and community development.

Through strategic partnerships with local suppliers and artisans, Zuri stimulated economic growth by providing employment opportunities and supporting local craftsmanship. 

The company also invested in training programs to enhance the skills of individuals in the hair industry, empowering them to participate actively in the growth of Zuri and the broader African beauty sector.

Zuri’s impact extended beyond economic empowerment. Gisèla recognized the importance of inclusivity and representation in the beauty industry. By celebrating and embracing the natural beauty of African hair, Zuri promoted self-confidence and self-expression among its customers.

Today, Zuri stands as a testament to Gisèla van Houcke’s entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to transforming the African hair business. With branches in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda, the company continues to thrive, offering high-quality hair products and cosmetics while uplifting local communities and celebrating African beauty.

By Elijah Christopher 



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